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The Greenpeace Detox Campaign

The Greenpeace Detox campaign was conceived several years ago to push the big brand of Fashion to work in synergy with their suppliers to ensure an eco-friendly production chain.

The goal was to remove all the chemical substances polluting and toxic for humans. It all started with a research carried out in China, where the main international Brands have many of their suppliers.
Greenpeace has found that the supplier industries of the big apparel brands leach...

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A ZETA Filati recognizes the importance of eliminating hazardous substances from its production cycle and in July 2017 we signed the Detox commitment, promoted by Greenpeace, thusdeveloping an important improvement process.
We share this commitment with a group of companies that are part of the Italian Consortium Detox Implementation .
This new route aims to enrich our constant commitment to respect the environment as well as workers’ and consumers’ health through quality products and processes.

Certification and analysis


The analyzes were carried out on representative samples of our production.

For more information about the Detox project

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Learn more about the Detox campaign

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