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About us

1 azgp chi siamoA Zeta Filati was established in 1994 aiming to become a leader company for the supply of fancy weaving yarns to its customers and has achieved an important position on the textile market thanks its dynamic and versatility, showing to have been able to satisfy the growing quality and punctuality exigencies of deliveries required by the market nowadays.

Covering with its product every market’s level, Azeta could consolidate its position, still maintaining the fancy style of its offer and getting success for this reason on the local and international market.

A ZETA FILATI SRL - via F.lli Buricchi, 15 Vaiano (PO) tel. +39 0574 988902 - +39 0574 941207 - Fax: +39 0574 946722

E-mail: - P.IVA: 01673930978 - Privacy / Note legali / Cookies / Google+

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