A close-knit, independent, technically specialized team: this is the heart of A Zeta Filati. At the center, engines always running: human value, technical quality and inexhaustible creativity.

When in 2005 Alessandro Aiazzi completely took over A Zeta Filati (born in 1994 and since then a family business), he did so to impress his mark with decision, without any more mediation. It is difficult to imagine, at that time, that it would have been through dialogue and trust in collaborators that the company would have flourished.


The Factory

The fancy yarns for weaving produced by A Zeta Filati hit the target thanks to the dynamism of the company. Every day, the qualitative and punctuality requirements demanded by the market are met - and exceeded - thanks to the great versatility deployed in each department.

The know-how and, above all, the creativity of the A Zeta Filati team are put at the service of small and large companies, without distinction of importance. It is possible to serve large numbers as well as small requests thanks to the elastic supply chain and the cutting-edge machinery that the company constantly supplies.

Today A Zeta has dozens of employees and a growing income which, over the years, has almost increased tenfold. Alessandro Aiazzi’s idea proved successful, and it is a very simple idea: it is people who do things, and not vice versa.

From 2020 A Zeta group expands and acquires Mister Joe , a company specialized in high quality knitting yarns.